We Are a Product of Our Environment

It makes sense that we design our environment for our optimum growth and productivity.

There are two things to remember when trying to design our environment.

  • Some elements in our environment are beyond our control
  • Some elements in our environment influence us more than others

Trying to change what’s beyond our control is pointless.

Trying to change what has little influence is a waste of time.

Our focus should be on elements that can be changed and are influential.

A few elements on the ‘Changeable & Influential’ list are:

  • What we read
  • What we watch
  • Who we spend time with

Most of us don’t really think to curate these elements. We read what trends, watch what’s popular and spend time with friends regardless of their influence on us.

If you were to curate your environment, what would you read? What would you watch? And who would you spend your time with?