We Don’t Think Enough

If you think about it, we rarely make time to think. We’re so pressed for time and always under pressure that our default is to react. As in Re-Act.

Most of our decisions are based on what we have done in the past, watched others do or worse, it’s based on what we’ve been told to do.

  • If we re-act based on past experiences, we risk ignoring current facts.
  • If we re-act based on what others do, we risk becoming like everyone else.
  • If we re-act based on what we’ve been told to do, we risk becoming puppets.

Thinking solves this problem. It gives us time to ponder questions like,


What is it for?

What do I really want? and

What are my values?

This leads us to make conscious, original decisions. They might be bad decisions but at least they’ll be ‘our’ decision.

So how do we find quiet time? It’s easy. Consciously choose to shut off from the world for an hour a day. It could be on your commute to work where you switch off the radio, stop texting, chatting, reading the news and just be quiet with yourself. This may mean you miss out on reading your favourite buzz feed for the day but if you think about it, how much of what you consume really adds value to your development and how much of it is just useless fodder for pantry talk?