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Assume you don’t know enough. You probably don’t.

Many of our challenges at work are due to a lack of understanding between two parties.

Sales reps lose deals because they don’t fully understand customer needs, employees resign because employers don’t understand what’s important to them and CEOs struggle to drive change because their managers don’t understand why they need a new strategy.

This break down in understanding happens due to our lack of empathy. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes.

Empathy requires us to have meaningful conversations with others. It requires us to truly listen, ask probing questions and really understand each other. All of […]

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Maybe it’s time we ditched the ‘Manager’ job title?

Let’s face it, no one likes being ‘managed’ in the literal sense. We associate ‘managing’ with Monday morning meetings, KPI scores and quarterly performance reviews.
More and more companies are expecting  their ‘managers’ to lead instead of manage.
Here are a few differences between the two:
  • Leaders have a vision. Managers have an objective.
  • Leaders recruit followers. Managers recruit employees.
  • Leaders inspire. Managers instruct.
  • Leaders drive change. Managers maintain status quo.
If your business card says manager, ignore the title because it’s no longer relevant. We’re expecting you to lead.
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Talk Less

It’s a sign you’re listening.

Learn to be interested instead of interesting.

Ask questions like why, how and what else?

This applies to everything you do. Whether you’re speaking to a client, coaching an employee or catching up with your spouse over dinner.

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Smart Failing

If you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough.

Many of us live in mediocrity. The fear of failing cripples us. So we make excuses for ourselves. We hide behind the famous “I’m not ready!” and “that’s not for me”

Success requires failure (it’s how we learn) but it also requires smart failing. Smart failing is failing in service of learning.

In smart failing, you set a goal, prep yourself as best as you can and start trying. As you try, you’ll fail. Be okay with that knowing that your failures are a crucial part of the learning journey […]

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Questions to ask when considering a new assignment, job or venture.

Will this give me a sense of purpose?

What will I learn?

Are these lessons valuable to my long term goals?

What are the potential opportunity costs?

What is the worst that could happen?

How likely is it that the worst will happen?

What will I have to do if the worst happens?

Was this opportunity available to me in the past?

If yes, why did I not take this opportunity before?

Will this opportunity still be available to me in the future?

If yes, are there reasons I should wait?

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Labour with Purpose

There’s a common misconception that Get Ys don’t like hard work and it’s not true.

Gen Ys idolise people like Mark Cuban who routinely stayed up until 2 in the morning when he was first starting his business, Jeff Bezos who worked 12 hour days, 7 days a week to launch Amazon and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who wakes up at 4am everyday to work out.

Like their idols, Gen Ys want to work hard.

The difference between Gen Ys and the generations before them is their desire for meaningful work. They want to labour for something they believe in. They want […]

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We Are a Product of Our Environment

It makes sense that we design our environment for our optimum growth and productivity.

There are two things to remember when trying to design our environment.

  • Some elements in our environment are beyond our control
  • Some elements in our environment influence us more than others

Trying to change what’s beyond our control is pointless.

Trying to change what has little influence is a waste of time.

Our focus should be on elements that can be changed and are influential.

A few elements on the ‘Changeable & Influential’ list are:

  • What we read
  • What we watch
  • Who we spend time with

Most of us don’t really […]

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None of us are a 100% at everything

Standardised testing forced us into believing we could score a 100% in every subject if only we studied hard enough.

It’s a notion we have carried into our adult life. We subscribe to the idea that the job we do has a list of competencies and we need to score a 100% in every one of them to be successful.

This line of thinking compels us to focus purely on our weaknesses and ignores our strengths. While it’s important to know our weaknesses the reality is; none of us are a 100% at everything. While the perfect score might have been […]

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Some words get used so often we forget the true weight of its meaning.

Integrity is one of those words.

Integrity means to do what’s right even when no one is looking.

It means saying no to bribery. Even if it’s just a tiny bribe to get off a traffic summon.

It means charging fair price. Even when you know you can charge more because your client doesn’t know better.

It means doing what you said you’d do. Even when you know your boss would be too busy to check up on you.

Integrity; it’s a common […]

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Is your L&D Average, Good or Great?

Average L&D teams manage learning. They determine learning needs and implement programs.

Good L&D teams integrate learning. They align learning with business needs and measure its impact.

Great L&D teams inspire learning. They create a culture of learning within the organisation.

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