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MAD is now Talenpac

We are excited to announce that as of Dec 2016, MAD has officially been rebranded as Talenpac Social.

Our journey

Our jouney started in early 2013. MAD’s co-founder, Navin had just returned from a volunteer trip to war-torn Sri Lanka and had decided to raise money to fund water projects for the villagers he had visited. This small initiative led to the formation of Water and Toilets (WNT), a non-profit organisation that fundraised for water and sanitation projects. In the first year of it’s operations, WNT implemented projects in Sri Lanka, Kenya, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Our early success with WNT taught us many lessons and when Navin met MAD’s other co-founder, Charu the duo realised that WNT needed a more sustainable business model if it was to continue running in the long term. The duo pivoted WNT and launched MAD.

MAD was an innovative social business that raised money for grass-root non profits by empowering the public to run crowdfunding campaigns. MAD fundraisers were soon dancing on mountain tops and making k-pop videos to raise money for non profits across the world. Collectively, WNT and MAD impacted more than 9,000 lives through it’s fundraising projects.


In 2015, Navin became an Acumen Global Fellow and the fellowship took him to Central India where he worked as the interim COO for a fast growing social enterprise. Charu was based in India as well, working closely with the founder of an incredible non profit that worked to improve the life of India’s slum dwellers. Their experience in India broadened their horizons and in the process changed the trajectory of MAD. They realised that while fundraising was a critical short term need for local non profits, there was also a pressing long term need to develop the local management teams that run the non profits they wanted to support. They realised developing the non profit’s local management teams would be the equivalent of teaching non profits how to fish for themselves.

It is this realisation that led the duo to pivot MAD’s business model once again. Today, MAD is known as Talenpac Social. Our rebranding reflects our shift in the way we support local social impact focused organisations. We have officially moved from fundraising for local non profits to developing the local management teams of social impact focused organisations.

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